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30 October 2011

"Okay, Hunt Club, are you ready for the pick up?" [pt.8]

Yesterday I did a lot of things. I cooked dinner for four, I did some necessary house cleaning and I did some work on Hunt Club. I just didn't take any pictures. I was in a flow and just kept on building. The landing gear was added. Made of brass and aluminium it sure is sturdy. CA was used as bond. I painted it green with one of the dozens leftover enamel tins I still have. The colour matches quite well. I also made the complete tail section and the tail rotor unit. So there is where we pick up the thread.

Today the tail rotor was added, as were some tiny bits and pieces. I started working on the winch. 

It's all pretty small stuff and my eyes were a bit tired so today wasn't spectacular but al in all, Hunt Club is nearing its completion and I almost know what I want to do next...

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