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28 August 2016

Rockets to Lelystad!

So today was the big day, a bunch of my paper model rockets were to leave for the Space Museum. After a a smooth and quick one-and-a half-hour drive we (my girlfriend, a good friend of ours and yours truly) arrived at Lelystad airport, where the Aviodrome is, in which you also can find the National Spaceflight Museum.
The rockets I lent to the museum were packed in boxes, just about the right size and secured with some tape to avoid shaking. The big ones were partially disassembled and laid on foam rubber mats. They all survived the journey although I had taken some glue along with me, just to be sure, in case of a small repair. I asked my GF to take some photos of the proceedings.

Yeah. Cat food boxes. They actually were great in doing the job.
Luckily it didn't rain. At least not when I was outside with the lot.

12 August 2016

Rocket revue!

Hi friends.
Take a good look at these rockets. All of them are in 1/96 scale:

Left to right: Ariane 5, Bumper-WAC, Soyuz FG, Atlas, Delta II, Proton-M, Titan IIIe
They will be leaving my house. All of them will be moving to a new home: 
The Dutch National Museum of Spaceflight in Lelystad!

The Ariane 5, Soyuz and Titan have their payloads displayed.
I already have two models there, the Nationaal Ruimtevaartmuseum (NRM), the Curiosity landing diorama and the first version of the Falcon9. Now these babies are going to join the rocket garden of the museum, so lots of people can look at them and hopefully will be pleasantly surprised when they find out they’re made of paper. I will describe them all in more detail below.
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