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08 October 2011

N-1 [part 5] Finished!

 First some good news: the A3 printer works fine. It has a nice and fine crisp print. So that's a good addition to the network and for the hobby (I kind of hate that word).

Then some other good news: The N-1 is finished. It was not an easy job, I'd give this model a 4 out of 5 for difficulty. it's good, well designed and detailed but the lack of a decent way to keep the rocket straight and the feather/slot system at several points makes this one very hard to get it to look perfect.
besides that this actually started out as just a survey to get to know this model to build it in 1/96th, it is looking nice now next to the 144th Saturn V (Airfix/RealSpace). these two giants need to be shown next to each other, I think.

Next up: Either the attempt to save Liberty Bell 7 after its splashdown, another 1/400 in-space diorama involving maybe Skylab, or I am going to do another probe or satellite. I have a small preference for the Merc diorama. We'll see.
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