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03 October 2011

N-1 [Part 3]


Luckily, listening to 'Das Wohltemperirte Klavier' (Played by Ivo Jansen) soothed the pain in my fingers. Bach clears the mind and it helped a lot. One and a half hour later I had a cut-out truss in my aching hands.

I painted it in spite of both sides being coloured. The cutting edges revealed a lot of white paper again and it looked just ugly. I let it dry in a circular shape and that kind of helped with the attachment to Blok B.

Blok B's attachment to Blok A was downright hellish. The glue caused the freshly attached part to move while working on the other side. the thing constantly lurched to one or the other side but was never straight.

I found the solution by shoving three small, equally wide strips of paper into the truss just high enough to let Blok B rest upon them and thus being level with Blok A and the interstage truss. Finally it looked straight. I glued both of them together and even was kind of satisfied with the result.

...Until I looked at the whole from a distance. Blimey! Crikey! Golly! Oh Bother! Ugly words involving several illnesses, ailments, a means of transport and crustaceans! Put tweezers on my nipples and call me Shirley! it STILL lurched!

There seemed - after some thorough investigation - to be a problem with the  bottom of the N-1; It rests on the inner part of the engine section and the base ring and I am afraid that part is not level at all. Well, that's too bad. I decided to tweak the standard a little and made one half a little higher so it will compensate for the lurching rocket.

Next to the Saturn V (Polystyrene; Airfix/scratch/RealSpaceModels) it starts to look like a worthy opponent.

Up next: Blok W!

Hopefully tomorrow and with a little bit more successful building later on this week there will be more to show.
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