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22 April 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt.14: Herschel ready for stacking

As the title already implies, Herschel has been finished. The last parts were also a lot of fun. Again, my little box of pins was used and a dozen or so of pins was sacrificed into this model.
Here's the result, on my hand. The making of is after the jump. Have a look, if you will.

18 April 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt.13

And on we go with building Herschel. I made some progress in the build, but it goes slowly. And I know why: I enjoy it. A year or so ago I also made an attempt to make the two  telescopes but in 1/48th, the scale in which I usually make satellites and probes. But it just wouldn't go. I think it partially has something to do with the fact that I just like building small. And this is fun.

Last time I left you with the finished service module. This time, I am as far as the photo below. More of the build after the jump.

Here you see my big hand holding the service module with the cryostat vessel on top, which was detailed with some plumbing and wiring.

12 April 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt.12

So, Planck is done. Was it? No, not entirely, actually. I still had to make the small brackets that connected the Service Module bus to the solar panel shield. So I did. You can see photos of it after the jump.
I also started work on Herschel. This build is completely based on John Jogerst's model, which you can find in Jon Leslie's Lower Hudson paper model collection. However, I don't use the model's parts themselves but cut them out of coloured paper and add a lot of scratch built parts in the process. The photo below shows where I am now and how I got there is shown after the jump. 

05 April 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt.11

The slight return of PK.
Got a new pair of glasses and I got my trusty old LX7 camera back from repairs that apparently had to take three months. Luckily it all was covered by the warranty. My new specs unfortunately weren't. oh well. Where were we?
Oh yes! Planck!

It's finished. Isn't that great? The story's after the jump. Here's Planck, posing on top of its SYLDA shroud.

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