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11 September 2016

Ariane 6 #2: Finished. Kind of. More meh than yay...

Well after such a rant about disliking a certain rocket it's time again for some paper model stuff. I started on that Ariane 6 a week or so ago and well, I have finished building. I am only partially satisfied with the outcome, I see it as a proof of concept and a fun scratch build and I have indeed proven to myself a couple of things in measuring and scratch building. I also learnt some more about having to be even more precise about placing stuff and well, keeping my hands clean. It has not become the most spotless of models, I am afraid. I think in the end I had lost my patience a little, wanting it to be finished, perhaps I should have left the model alone for some time but well, the impatience made me do it. Blame me. I don't really care. I will share it because I want you all to know that I sometimes make a little mess and that it's not great and all the whole time. From a distance it still looks nice anyway. (-:

 My problem was mainly with the boosters; the aligning of the cone with the straight hull was off because the curvature of the transition was too big. This led to a banana shape. It doesn't show that much but too much for my liking. I know how to change it but I couldn't be bothered with this build. Proof of concept. Also the aligning with the core was hard because I didn't put any marks on the hull beforehand. This led to some readjustments and tearing of paper. It was an easy repair but it left its scars. Furthermore, I got some blemishes here and there I couldn't get rid of. This was at a moment the core already was in a too far advanced state to tear it apart easily so I let it be. Proof of concept.

First, in the previous post on the Ariane 6 I promised some detailed photos of the engine bell. Here they are: 

It is a little blurry but you can get a grasp of how large this model is.

Smudges. Grmbl. These kinds of things make me a little less careful in the rest of a build. Oh well.

I made some photos of the Ariane 6 together with the Delta IV to show the size of the beast. They are not that far apart in height.

Some time when the Ariane 6 actually flies I'll make a detailed version, I presume.
This will do for now (-:

Up next: the top of the N1. I hope.

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