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27 October 2015

Yes, Here I am. Still here, and not yet fully back either.

These pretty little planes were designed by the late Fabrizio Prudenziati, a very talented model designer from Italy, who passed away in april 2014. The planes were a real joy to put together. Nice and simple yet very nicely detailed, delicate and very well fitting design. I did these three almost in one go. There are more to come. At least one of von Richthofen’s legendary Fokker Dr1 Dreideckers, but also some British WW1 planes and maybe others, too. It looks like PK is back. But is he?

Today, your Paper Kosmonaut has turned 45. (Yeah, thanks.) I’ll get over it in the end. Luckily I still look quite okay. A destinguished grey hair here and there in my whiskers.
And with these little planes it appears like I'm coming up to steam again making paper models.
But in fact, I'm not, really. There still is too much happening outside the paper world.
Main reason is my dear GF, who isn't really back to her fine healthy self yet. And before she is, I am afraid I won’t or can’t  do anything big and papery any time soon. I just don’t have the time. I just don't have the inspiration.

But these little ones, those well-designed planes of Zio, yes. That I can do. They maintain my finger skills a little, I enjoy the tinkering with wings, props and even strings. There will be some more of Zio's planes to come. Maybe I'll turn them into a big mobile. A big aerial dogfight in the hobby room. Who knows.

More pics after the jump.
Thanks for keeping in touch, thanks for your patience. There will be more and better and bigger stuff again, just wait.


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