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26 March 2017

ZIL 4906 [9] some improvement

even though I promised myself not to tinker too much with this model, I encountered a little dilemma earlier today. The cranes are supposed to stretch all the way back to make an angle of about 130º with the deck, to reach out far enough for grabbing the Soyuz capsule. These cranes now only made it to 80º max. So, it had to be done. I had to take it apart carefully and redo it.
In short, They now bend back to 130º. I did this by making an extra piston, so the arms could stretch much further backward.

This was the original configuration. And as far back the arms could reach. Clearly not far enough.

And this is how far back they can reach now. Thanks to the double piston it now looks much better.

24 March 2017

ZIL 4906 [8] closing stuff up and action on the deck.

Been some time, I know. There was a lot to do with filming, editing and trying to make ends meet with those activities. So less time for building.
But now there is a lot to see again. I made some new stuff for the Zil and it goes well. Of course there are lots of photos I'll show you on this blogpost, here's where I am now.

So, a new wheel, some lifting equipment and a filled-up hole in the deck. If you are curious I'd suggest you read the rest. (-:

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