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21 July 2013

Hi there!

Just got back from a week spent in the Vosges, France. Not a second was there any paper stuff on my mind. Very calming for a change. I read a lot, enjoyed doing nothing and even less, and did a lot of photographing. I wanted to get to know my new camera (A Panasonic Lumix LX7) a little better and even though I learnt a lot, I still have to learn a lot more to use this little gem to its full potential.
So no paper stuff for a change but two pics of two very pretty animals I met there. Both were approached very carefully and slowly and in the end they let me get very close to them. I didn't even use the zoom in these pictures. As for their size, I presume everyone knows how big a dragonfly is, the lizard was about 20, 25 cm from head to tail.

I made 3 cropped images for you to show the level of detail, I won't put them here in full size, of course. They are to be found after the jump.
Soon there will be some new paper building sessions taking place, I guess. Now it just is a little too hot for building. See you soon!
(and don't forget to look after the jump)

06 July 2013

Still here

Hi y'all. Just to let you know I am still here, but I decided to take a little break. Busy times at work and in need of some time off. There is a lot going on in my head but not that much at the cutting mat. Guess it has to be like that for a little while. I'll be back soon, that's a promise.
Have a great summer (or winter), I will return before you know it.

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