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25 May 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt. 21 - the EAPs [part 7]

The EAPs are done. Now proudly strutting their stuff. (No pun intended. Oh well, it actually was. Of course. Struts, strutting, oh my, what a weak attempt to be funny. I could hit myself.)
The lower struts were nice to make. Just lots of fitting and refitting but there you go, that is scratch building. 
The top attachment points of the EAPs were a little harder. I designed them myself by just looking at the couple of drawings and pictures I had on which the contraptions were shown. It looks like they do the trick but I am sure there are some errors in them. But they certainly look more like the real thing than the stuff the models themselves provide.

So here's a shot of where I am now in the build, after the jump more pictures. On to the fairing!

21 May 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt. 20 - the EAPs [part 6]

Slowly but surely. The EAPs got their struts today. Not completely finished yet but nearly.

Full story after the jump.

20 May 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt. 19 - the EAPs [part 5]

There they are. Two identical booster rockets, ready to go. I still need to do the attachment system but I consider that a separate job, since it concerns both the boosters and the core stage. The second one was there within a day. It all was going very fast, having made these stove pipes four times now. I really am glad with how they came out.
Up next is the tedious work of the shroud or fairing that conceals the two satellites from view and protects them on their way up. It will be removable, and in two parts. So there will be more magnets involved, I presume.
More pictures of the EAPs after the jump.

16 May 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt. 18 - the EAPs [part 4]

Almost back where I left off.
The first EAP is finished again. It already has the engine back on and stands tall, awaiting its twin.
There hasn't been an engine glued to the stove pipe here on this photo but in the time between I took this photo and I wrote these lines I did attach the engine and the retro rockets on the skirt.
After the jump more pictures of the rebuild.

07 May 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt. 16 - the EAPs [part 2]

We're getting somewhere. The first EAP is almost finished. The only thing left to do is making the struts which attach the booster to the core stage.
Lots of the work done the past few days is scratch built stuff. The first tube now has its greeblies and all the protrusions it also has in real life.

More after the jump. As usual.

02 May 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt. 15 - the EAPs

Étage d'Acceleration à Poudre. Acceleration stage on powder. How poetic a name for just a long stove pipe that acts like a giant Roman candle. But that is what I have started working on now.

Eventually, I just cut out the hull, rolled it into a small tube and put it aside to more or less set. But as usual when I am working on a model I started to notice incorrect parts and shapes. So I needed to redo them.
More on that after the jump.

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