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28 November 2016

N1 - Fairing troubles

The last part of the build often is either tedious or hard. Both are true in this build, unfortunately.
The N1's fairing needs to be partially transparent to show all the goodies inside. I wanted to do this with a piece of plastic sheet of some kind. Then the question rose about how to do it. Either a nice window in all of the segments, a little wider than the 'holes' I made in the inner pieces, or say, take the outer fairing and make 50% transparent. Both options have something for them, the first for its aesthetically pleasing appearance, the other for its more educational purposes.
This is what makes it quite troublesome to realise. And as usual, I am not afraid to tell you about my 'failures' (or, more euphemistically, "misadventures in a quest to build a perfect paper model"). 

Looking good, eh? No. it isn't. No. really, it isn't. It just is a nice photo.

20 November 2016

7K-LOK finished

Well, it's about time, right? (-:
Slowly but steadily, I have been working off and on at the 7K-LOK moon Soyuz. There were loads of things interfering with the continuity but nevertheless, here it is. A nice, 7K-LOK in 1/96.
Resuming, I used Alfonso Moreno (AXM)'s Soyuz as a starting point to convert it into this bigger predecessor. Here and there I admit I have taken some poetic license and even some liberties in how things ended up looking, but I tried to stay as close to the truth as possible.
Two things cost me a lot of time: the docking section and the protective collar over the fuel tanks in the aft skirt. Here's the result, the story continues below.

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