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28 December 2014

Gemini XII - Agena EVA 1/48, pt. 5: A couple of beauty shots

So I was tinkering with a new camera a little this afternoon, and I decided to make some shots of the Gemini - Agena diorama. A little more visual details, but also some more blemishes and seams visible.
And more after the jump below.

Leaves me to wish you all a prosperous and peaceful New Year and all the best for you and your loved ones.

25 December 2014

Gemini XII - Agena EVA 1/48, pt. 4: Finished!

Well, merry christmas everyone!
Gemini XII is finished and docked, floating high over the earth with Buzz making a nice long EVA.
I changed a little to the model since last time, you can see what I did after the jump.
Here's a photo of the finished product. Well, as I say finished, I mean more or less, actually because I need to put four little shock braces on the back collar of the engine. Totally forgot about them. But with these shots you'll get a good picture of what it looks like as a finished diorama anyway.

16 December 2014

Gemini XII - Agena EVA 1/48, pt. 3: Gemini cockpit & yet another astronaut

Well hello, here I am again.
Still busy but now and then there's time to maintain the model building skills a little. Work on the Gemini diorama is continuing with the round up of the capsule build and the building of Buzz.

Here's a closer look at Buzz' empty chair, while he's doing his EVA. I added some extra details to his chair, like the arm restraints and all the belts, which float free now Buzz is outside. (all pics are a little larger than shown so click for bigger)
More after the jump.

05 December 2014

New teaser from Man Conquers Space online!

There's a space movie which is long awaited by lots of people around the world. No, not Star Wars, it's something much closer to home. As a fan of "what-if" stories I am really looking forward to see the end product of this tour de force by film maker David Sander from Australia. This project already has taken him I think ten years. It's an independent production, Sander produces, writes, directs and takes care of the SFX.
His documentary style film tells the story of the US going to space more than 10 years before they actually did, making much bolder steps than they actually did and shows people going to - and landing on - Mars before Kennedy's decade was out. It shows interviews with (fictitious) astronauts and grainy footage of Von Braun's Saturn Shuttle lifting off from pad 39 in Florida. Wonderful stuff. Here's the new trailer, the first in four years. it shows a vision of a world around 1969 in which people have been to Mars, painted in stupendously vivid colours and images. I really hope this film will come to life real soon.
Since the YT video was made private (why?) You can watch the teaser on Vimeo. I just cannot seem to embed that here...

PS. I'll place an update on Gemini soon. I've had a heavy head cold the past few days...

Edit July 18th 2015: It appears David Sander took everything offline. I really hope he himself is doing well. It is however a huge pity that this project now had vanished...
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