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20 October 2011

"Okay, Hunt Club, are you ready for the pick up?" [pt.5]

I just made some chairs for the helicopter. With the door open it was obvious there must be something to see inside. I did two sets of chairs, seven in total. It was kind of hard because of the size, they're far from perfect but it is relatively dark inside the helo and there will be a figure in the opening looking down to Liberty Bell so there won't be much to look at but there is some bustle and that was the point of it. The hull has been cut and prepared for assembly. I also did the inside walls, printed out on thin paper, and used some transparent cellophane plastic for the windows in between those two layers. After the closing up it will be the nose parts and the cockpit. Soon I will have to actually think of how I have to make those men in the helicopter. I still have no idea... Hmmm....

The first set of chairs were made like they should, with separate N-shaped parts.

They kind of look good, but they are a bit crooked and bent. I wouldn't like a ride on those chairs..

The first fitting of the hull.

Windows fitted

First set of chairs put inside the bay

...And that makes seven.

Nice fit, albeit a bit tight.
And this is how it kind of will look later on.
I take my time with this one, I want it to look good, after all, the base plate has turned out so beautiful, the helicopter has to be too! So this build will come with slow paces.But, as we Dutch say, "kalmpjes aan, dan breekt het lijntje niet".*

*something along the lines of "steady as she goes" or "easy does it", I think, is the best translation.

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