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28 October 2011

"Okay, Hunt Club, are you ready for the pick up?" [pt.7]

So there we are again. I did find some time to do some building after all. Small progress, in size as well in adding stuff to the model. Just a few bits and bods here and there. First of all I closed up the cockpit. it was a tight fit and it needed some serious tender force to get the large side window frames into place. I had to take account of the thick paper (as usual) and cut off some of the bulkhead at the back of the seats. When it finally was snug into position I used some Tamiya masking tape to keep it there until the glue set.

The rotor cowling was made and for reinforcement reasons I wrapped a paper strip around a brass tube so the main rotors are able to spin.

Then I made the copilot. I tried to design the rolls of paper in such a way that the copilot would be leaning out of the window to look what was happening with the capsule. It was, after all, a weird and unexpected situation they were in.

Close up you can see the twist I made in the body and leg position to get him leaning to one side.

In the passenger bay, the load master is kneeling in the opened doorway, holding the winch cable in his hand. His other hand is holding on to the side of the door frame. (Of course, the winch and cable etc. have yet to be built.) The side windows were shown shoved open on both sides (aviators in those days seemed to like to fly with open windows a lot) and the frames got window panes from transparent plastic.

I also did the engine exhaust pipes, rolled from some black paper strips but that's a bit too small to get a good picture of. It might be a bit on the crude side but it was better to try it this way then to cut out the complex shapes the original model has. Besides, I opened the hole out of which the pipes protrude. Up next is the tail boom and its components like wheel well, tail and rotor parts and then the small pieces like winch, main gear and rotors.

A little more musing after the break.

With this diorama nearing completion, it becomes time to start and think about what will be next. I need to do some research beforehand and I still don't know what I prefer to do after finishing this little diorama.
I would like to do an 1/48th model of the Hubble Space Telescope, Ton Noteboom made a real good and detailed model in 1/24, so there would be hardly any problem to scale it down to half of its size. It would be a nice opportunity to use different types of paper.
Another option is to do an 1/400th what-if diorama of Skylab in a certain state and situation, it could be with a 1975 Soviet-Russian visit, or a 1979 shuttle visit, maybe even the proposed 1985 configuration with a shuttle.
 I could do another true historical 1/400 shuttle display (since there still are four ships to go) and I also would like to do a diorama of Spirit, as I already mentioned in an earlier entry.

As you see, it has to mature a bit before the next project will come to life, I guess. Of course I will keep you, dear readers, posted on what my musings about the next model will be. Probably with some sketched-up stuff accompanying the words.
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