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03 March 2019

Space Shuttle Endeavour with ET and SRB's in 1/96 [Part 3]

The third installment is here. Looking back, I know I made a couple of small mistakes and the way I handled them was in hindsight a little unecessary. However, I think my solution looks better. I am talking about the position of the little NASA logo next to the United States sign on the side walls of the Shuttle. I didn’t study the parts well enough, otherwise I would have seen the logo was on the engine section, sticking out a little to go over the seam of the side walls and the engine section. I just shoved the text on the sides a little forward to make way for the logo. It now is not on the right spot but It also saved me the hassle of getting a more complex glue line.

I have had just a little progress but it was quite significant. I'll show you a progress picture here, the rest of the story follows below after the jump.

16 February 2019

Piracy kills this hobby.

One of the best Dutch space model designers, Erik te Groen has permanently shut down his website. Reason: his freely available stuff was sold on the Chinese pirate website Alice papermodels. They take downloads of free models and sell these kits in their pirate webshop as printed packs for big prices. Not only Eriks stuff is found there, hundreds of model kits, created by numerous other designers, all their designed cars, planes, spacecraft, ships, planes, all models you can get (often for free) at the websites of the makers themselves, are being exploited by these Chinese criminals.
They themselves think it's all right, they don't see any copyright infringement because they are selling the models in print. But still they violate the creator's copyrights, because the designer didn't give them permission to sell the printed version.

Not only is this affecting the designers, it is affecting the whole community because those bastards simply cause some designers to stop designing and leave the hobby behind. Some have invented elaborate schemes to let people obtain their free models from their websites with passwords, quests and other methods, others simply delete their work and leave us behind with nothing. All because of these bastard Chinese pirates. 

What makes this hobby so great? Not just the paper modeling itself, It also is the free sharing of models. Great, superdetailed models of whatever you can think of. Models you'll never find in plastic. Models that are able to be build in big or smaller scales, depending on how you print them. Free models. Made by people who like to share them with the community. Something this pirate website is actively destroying by offering payed downloads of these free models they also got for free.

So be smart and save this hobby by looking for the proper places to download paper models and ignore Alice papermodel. Just don't go there and let them take advantage of other people's work.
Besides, how much of an idiot must one be to BUY a free model?

10 February 2019

Space Shuttle Endeavour with ET and SRB's in 1/96 [Part 2]

And although I started off great and enjoyed myself a lot, I discovered the designer of the model made an error in the photographic skin. Endeavour should have had a small NASA meatball next to the "United States" sign on both of its sides. And since I also wasn't completely happy about the wings which showed just too much gap, it was first a visit to the Shop of Photos and then back to the cutting mat. Now I had two half-built shuttles laying on my desk. But the new wings were better. And today this is where I am: I glued the wing section to the payload bay and the cabin section!

Want to read and see more? Yes, you do. I know you do.

09 February 2019

Westland Whirlwind (fighter plane) part 3

Yes, we're back at the Whirly for one last time. I have done one more model of the Westland Whirlwind and this time a little different. You could call it a study in aesthetics if you will. I printed another model but now on grey paper and I built it inside out, leaving off the propeller blades, the landing gear and by doing so reducing it just to its basic shape. More pics after the jump.

PS. There is news from the Space Shuttle frontier, more on that next week.

20 January 2019

Space Shuttle Endeavour with ET and SRB's in 1/96 [Part 1]

After almost two years without spacecraft builds, I thought it might be time to return to my main interest: spaceflight. I chose to build something which was on my list from the beginning, an 1/96 Shuttle stack, to fit in with the rest of my rockets and launch vehicles.

I chose to do Raimondo Fortezzas’ shuttle model because it has a lot of detail. I have come to love the smaller-sized shuttle stack by Alfonso Moreno but I already have built that one four times (and I still have to build the Challenger in 1/400 to complete the series). Besides, it was time for a biggie. Here's a taste of what is to come, there's more if you read the rest of the story.

04 January 2019

Westland Whirlwind (fighter plane) part 2

And here's number two. In a fictitious winter camouflage, the second Whirly faces its sister. The biggest difference between them apart from the colours is the wheel wells. There were made by using a template from the cut-out nacelle parts that indicate where the original parts for the gear bay doors would go. I added some side walls and voilà.
More of the build after the break.

03 January 2019

Westland Whirlwind (fighter plane) part 1

Hi friends. There I am again. Firstly, a very prosperous 2019 for you all. All the best wishes and let's hope this year will be better than last year.

One day after my birthday, which was the 27th of October, I started working on Gerard Methorst’s Westland Whirlwind. The first thing I did was rescaling it to 1/48 to get a more common scale size, better fitting with my other big planes.

The end result it finally here, but it has been a long story. Click on 'the rest' if you're up for it. Lots of pictures too! I can tell you it was interesting, frustrating and yet also a lot of fun. This is the most intense build in the sense of working and changing and reshaping things I have ever done but it was certainly worth it.

A pretty little Whirly.

16 December 2018

Here I am again, Still alive!

I am really sorry I haven't made an update in the past months. I was awfully busy making ends meet. I did make some nice stuff in the time inbetween and I have been working to improve a very nice model made by Gerard Methorst which had some errors in the parts. Luckily Gerard himself came to the rescue and provided me with the otherwise very difficult parts. I just had to fit them in. And that too took a lot of time.

Well, what have I done in the time after the Corsair? After the jump there are some pictures. Spoiler: it's all propeller driven stuff. And was a lot of fun.
Okay, here's my last one, finished today: the Westland P.12 Delanne, a strange tandem derivative of the famous Lysander.

This plane had two pairs of wings. The original tail was replaced by a turret. Oddly enough, the plane was easy to fly. However, technology in wartime develops fast and the British government at the time thought the plane was a bit old-fashioned and abandoned the project. More on the Delanne here. The other builds are in the rest of this post.

02 September 2018

An inbetweenie - Zio's Vought F4U Corsair

In need for some quick results I decided to put ANS aside for a moment and build one of Fabrizio Prudenziati's fantastic little planes. This time my eye fell on his Vought F4U Corsair. It took a little more time than I expected because of either my impatience or something else, I don't know. Here's how it looks in the end, the build report follows below.

23 August 2018

Yamaha Papercraft is closing

Sad news! Yamaha Papercraft is closing. I already said that in the title, yes. But this might let it sink in a little more.
The papercraft site of the motorcycle building company has a couple of immensely detailed models of several beautifully crafted motorbikes. Their first, the YA-1 is my favourite. But they also have streamlined race bikes, their iconic V-Max and many more. Besides these motorbikes they also have a couple of big diorama settings with bikes and a lot of small animal papercraft models. I recommend you to go there and download them all before they're gone. It's all for free, so grab them all!

Not my build, but as an example of their catalogue: The Yamaha YA-1. Image: © Yamaha Motor Corporation

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