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16 October 2011

"Okay, Hunt Club, are you ready for the pick up?" [pt.4]

Time for some helicopter stuff again.
This one was also quite severely reduced compared to its original scale. From 1/32 to 1/96th is a third of its original size. Luckily, it works out very well. I keep on getting amazed how well these reductions in size keep the model doable in terms of fit and its ability to have all the small parts cut out rather well.

...Where will this lead to?

Quite a sturdy little frame.

Adding some furniture and cupboards to the office

I started out with the inner framework and the pilot's cabin. Now that it is nearing completion, I have to figure out how many seats there were in the bay during these pick-up missions. After that it is on to the outer hull parts. it is great to see that there is a load floor inside the helicopter so I can easily hide the stand rod part under the floor and keep it still well placed inside the hull.

1960's GPS on the dash

Almost done. Some people will complete the cockpit but that will come later.

It took quite some study to get all the markings on the helicopter right and I had to actually 'repaint' the whole outside of the helicopter to get the right look.
Up until here here has not been any non-paper material used in this aircraft, but there will be transparent stuff used for the windows and I might use some brass rods for the landing gear and the winch structure. The scale allows for me to do some more detailing and I am thinking about cutting out the printed mesh on the engine covers on the nose and give it a little depth by glueing a printed mesh layer inside the nose part. Perhaps I'll do other scratchbuilding things, we'll see. For now I'll finish the interior and get to work on the hull parts next.
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