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05 October 2014

a bird and a plane (but no superman).

Hi there!
I am so sorry I cannot treat you all with something complicated at the moment. The 1/20 Apollo capsule I intended to build is on the shelf, just like all the other biggies. The Saturn, Planck&Herschel, the GeeBee raceplane I was doing, it's all on hold. I only can do out of the proverbial box models, the easier stuff.

There's hardly any creativity left in me at this time. I am more or less exhausted by the breakneck pace my partner and I have to get these documentary films out before their deadlines. It has drained me of almost all my creativity, and what's left of it I need to use for the films. We already brought out two films this year, there are two more to follow this autumn. After that, somewhere middle November, we finally are free. I hope.

So, unfortunately there's not much *big* paper modeling going on.
What I can show you are two little builds I did in the past weeks just to keep my mind off things. They're a little uninspired, just something to kind of still my paper model hunger a little. I made a very quick build of Johan Scherft's wren a week or so ago, just an ultra quickie, taking me just an hour or two. A perfect fit and a joy to make. It just was very quick. I liked the result and gave the little wren a place to sit close to the kingfisher I made some time ago.

It is attached to the branch with a piece of thin wire.
A little drop of clear acrylic paint made its beady little eyes a lot more vivid.
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