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25 April 2017

I am still here, don't worry.

It's just that the paper model stuff is a lot slower at the moment.
Some parts have been made and added, but it's too little to show yet.
There will be some more or less intensive weeks of work ahead and I always appear to be more creative when that happens, so we'll see what happens then. (-;
In the meantime I enjoy spring, being with my girlfriend and lots of other things.
But I still am here. That is what I wanted to say.
See you soon!

02 April 2017

ZIL 4906 [10]: cranes and struts.

With finishing the cranes and the struts it's time to move on to another part of the build. I guess I'll do another wheel or so. I still have four to do, anyway.
However, to round up the build of the crane section, I'll show you what I did.
Firstly, I placed the secondary pistons on the arms. Next, the cranes needed some final detailing. Thirdly, I wanted the struts and jack posts to be functional. Here's how it all ended up, more on the story after the jump.

The cranes both are nice and dirty now. There also is a holder for the jack post support feet, 
just like on the real thing. Left, you can just see the strut peeping out of the shaft.
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