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07 October 2011

N-1 [part 4] - and more news.

Blok W has been added to the stack. The higher you get, the easier the stages become. This one with only four engines was done in an hour or two, two-and-a-half. Although I find the small 'lips' where Blok G will be put a little flimsy. I have made the first part of the upper stage already and when fitting it upon Blok W  there was a remaining open space between both stages. Not nice. I'll glue the two together and try and avoid the gap.

A concave business end, four engines and some fairings. That's it.

Blok W placed on Blok B, same method as before, using strips of paper through the truss to try and keep the whole stack as straight as possible.

In this picture it's hard to see the widening of the rocket.

Starting work on Blok G, or N1/L3, the part of the stack with the "Moon Train".

More exciting news after the break!
I was on a thrift store tour with my GF today and we chose to go to our neighbouring province to hope and score some goodies. I stumbled upon and have bought something wonderful: an A-3 deskjet printer!

I put a regular A4 sheet on the tray to show its size. Its huge! it weighs 12 kilos!

It's an HP 9800 and although it's 6 years old there's still plenty of cartridges available. Great! Now I can print those big ones myself. I was planning to do a 1/96th shuttle one day, to go with the rocket garden and this is the perfect kind of printer to use. I haven't tried it yet, I've got to buy some A3 paper and some cartridges too I'll do that tomorrow. But to have this big mf of a printer next to my trustworthy Brother DCP 375C is a nice feeling. I will keep you all in touch of how the printer works out. Or not.
But I assume it will.

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