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02 November 2011

"Okay, Hunt Club, are you ready for the pick up?" [pt.9]

We're finished! First, the last bits and pieces of Hunt Club. The winch, the rotors, the horse collar for picking up Gus (which they eventually didn't do):

Then there was Gus. Since he would be treading water in this scene I didn't bother to make a full body but did a torso with arms and a head (and a neck dam.) I drilled a hole in the base plate and painted the insides blue. I filled it with the acrylic paste and inserted Gus' body in it. When it was dry, it looked even better than I expected.

Well, then. The time is there to put A, B and C together.

and I made some "dramatic" black and white shots of the diorama to give it a sense of authenticity. The pictures are intentionally off-level and dark-ish.

Well, it's time to say goodbye to Gus and Hunt Club1, Liberty Bell 7 and the Atlantic Ocean.
Our next trip will get us back into orbit. More of that later!

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