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17 November 2013

Saturn V - retry - now from the ground up.

I have found the time to restart and rethink the build of the Saturn V. 
The first steps were made yesterday. The first F-1 is almost done and I also think it actually is a good continuation point from the big 1/48th engine from a while back.
I used coloured paper for a lot of parts, since the whole engine will be covered in aluminium tape, representing the thermal blanket covers on the actual flown ones. It might be a bit too shiny but I'll try and add a matte varnish over it later on to tone it down.

So, here's what I did so far. Needless to say, the F-1 is also very much doable in 1/96.
Three more pics after the jump.

09 November 2013

I'm still here, don't worry.

I just am fiddling a bit with some small plastic models at the moment to get my mind off of the Saturn thing. I am kind of brooding on how to restart but there is absolutely no hurry in that project.
I just finished a 1/72 F9F Panther I had laying around unfinished for a couple of months already. I consider the Panther a very well-shaped plane, its lines are beautifully curved and it's an overall aesthetically pleasing object. As almost usual with my plastic models, I did a what-if scheme. This one is painted as a member of a fictitious Dutch demo team of the early sixties. I now work on a little Airfix 1/72 Tucano, which I think is a nice aircraft. A bit crude here and there but the panel lines are crisp and the plastic is nicely moulded. I could post some pictures but I can't really be bothered because this stuff is a little marginal to me. More paper building soon! Thanks for the patience.
The F9F Panther in a bank, showing its nice shapes. Photo: from Flickr
The Tucano. Photo:

01 November 2013

Saturn V postponed!

At the moment the Saturn V project is going to be put on hold for an indefinite duration. It is more than I can bite off at the moment. I have tried to start over again a couple of times now and every time there are slight problems, one time it's glue that won't stick, then it's wrong measurements, then a white surface suddenly becomes very smudged...
Argh! Frustration upon frustration.

It's just a little too much now. A build must be fun and this isn't. There is a lot of stuff going on besides this hobby and this Saturn V - project now just is a little too big. It will be on hold until the time is there to pick it up again.
In the meantime I will occupy myself with more bite-size and off-the-shelf stuff, I guess. There still is enough other stuff to build!


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