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29 November 2012

Falcon 9 / Dragon 1/96 [AXM] (2)

Here she is. A long white pillar with nine engines. the capsule was not hard to construct but also not really easy. It took some skill to get the shape of the curved heat shield edges right and to get the end cap on the top a bit more flush.

Sorry for the greenish glare on the pictures but it already was dark outside and I photographed with fluorescent tube light so it's not the best quality..
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21 November 2012

Falcon 9 / Dragon 1/96 [AXM]

As promised, here is some picture proof of the build taking place at the moment. As I said, I still have to do the trunk and capsule and then it is finished. I used metallic paper and aluminium sticky tape for the engines. The exhaust pipes were all made from thin aluminium tubing. I also used some genuine chrome Bare Metal Foil to accentuate some lines on the main hull. It is less shiny than the sticky tape and a lot thinner so it has a different character. the conduits and clamps on the second stage were made from mat paper, which I laminated for the thickest parts. Afterwards, I painted it white and gave it a layer of gloss.

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20 November 2012

Busy, ...but building!

Just to let you all know I am alive, just very busy. 
However, I did find the time to do some building. Since the design of Nimiq 5 stalled because boredom struck and an increase in disinterest by lack of progress and actual lack of immediate visible result of the work, the project had been shoved aside and it's awaiting better times. The Proton now stands with an empty shroud (with two rubber bands around it) on the shelf. It will get its payload someday later.
I started work (actually, I am almost done now) on Alfonso Moreno's very nice model of the Falcon 9 with the Dragon capsule on top. Especially the engine section is wonderfully designed and detailed.
It will be a very static model, no moving parts, no detachable pieces. The hull is made of silk gloss photo paper and that is very much the shine the rocket has in real life. I added some bare metal foil and aluminium sticky tape strips here and there for accents. It looks great, in my opinion.
It now is too dark to take any god pictures of the model as it is now, but I promise some imagery tomorrow morning.
Until then you have to bear with me once more! Thanks for your patience.

09 November 2012

Work work work...

I am sorry to tell that I hardly have been able to get anything done on the Proton and my design of the Nimiq-5 the last week. I have been so busy with my job I couldn't find the time to either designing or glueing stuff. At the moment, I work on three film projects, some of them on full steam, others just hatching,  but all of them together kind of drain me from the energy I need to do the paper model stuff.
The only thing I did was concluding the Nimiq main bus I designed was to big for the fairing so I seem to have made a mistake in scaling somewhere. I've got to get back to the drawing board to solve this. But I cannot tell when I am able to pick it all up again.
I hope I will get back to it all later on next week.
Bear with me!

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