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01 January 2012

Friede - Ready but not yet finished.

First, I want to wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2012.
Now, on to the paper stuff again. Friede has been finished. All the engines were folded, glued and placed into the bottom part of the first stage. A nice result but... I am not yet satisfied. I still think it looks not quite how I want it to look.

Nice bottom. Millions of engines.

I decided I wanted to paint the rocket. I first thought it would be nice to let it remain like it was but more and more the feeling took over of giving the rocket the genuine colour (which was hard to notice in black and white)
so I did. well, I started it. The black face of the second stage has been painted Anthracite and I started giving the rest a nice aluminium colour. But unfortunately my rattle can was almost empty. It'll have to wait until tuesday, I am afraid.
But it's a start. And I think it looks good!
A deeper, darker colour on the capsule.

...And then I ran out of aluminium spray paint.
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