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12 January 2012

"Crevasse" #3

Been busy...
Here's my idea of how the tracks must look. I tried some other method too, but this worked best. I wanted more depth and shape in the tracks. After all, they are black metal chain-like parts, rolling over a hollow orange pontoon. Inside there would have been a sprocket that moved the track around the pontoon. All in all a very light construction, for the fifties, anyway.

I used some extra parts I fabricated from very thick grey paper I had. I just have one track finished now, it's taking a long time to glue all those tiny parts together.

One down, three to go.
After a little shaping and gentle bending I could glue it to one side of a pontoon part.
And... it fits! Great!
It already looks really good, holding it next to the cabin. But still, three more to go. I have to figure out how to keep them straight when I close them up, so they don't droop down at the outsides.
It really looks like the tracks are lying upon the pontoon. Because they actually do.
Next up were the springs and the rotating parts. they need some retouching in orange and bands to keep them together tightly. But the beginnings are there. they can rotate, albeit subtle and just for positioning them over the crevasse when the diorama has been finished. 
I could place a pun here like "spring is in the air" but why should I?

Now these two brass rods might very well be the only two non-paper pieces I will add to this build.
Now first it's making three more of those tracks. Yippee.
(well, it actually isn't that bad, I listen to some good music and clear the mind while brainlessly cutting off those billions of tiny pieces of paper...)

On a last note for today, it always surprises me how my neatly arranged and clean desk gets messy and chaotic during a build. Even if you build as small as I regularly do, the mess is the same!

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