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08 January 2012

"Crevasse" #2

Got a little more detail on the Sno-Cat. I cut out tiny pieces of orange paper to accentuate the door hinges and levers. I also made two black fasteners for the bonnet. The exhaust pipe was made from scratch since the original components did not do what I wanted. All three pieces are from coloured paper, too. The underside was detailed with some small orange strips over the printed orange framework to give it more body.

I also found out what the small box was for and where it had to go: underneath the right hand door. Could have known, I should have re-watched the video once more. Oh well.
Now it's time for the pontoons. I intend to make them moveable so I'll make things up on the go.
Anyway, here's where I am now:

Rear lights made of tiny dots of red paper. They will get a glossy finish.

Reinforcement inside also serves as guide for the tracks that will be laid around

try-out for axles.

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