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26 January 2012

"Crevasse" #8

Sometimes you can look at a model you're working at and suddenly you get that feeling of "this actually could look better" or rather, "I could actually do better".

So that's what happened yesterday morning when I looked at the Sno-Cat. I liked the drive train piece but I found the coachwork could do with some more detailing, After all, I am used to build things much smaller than this and this was just too easy. So I started over with the top part. I gently cut loose the drive train part and made a new chassis and coachwork. This time with an interior. The original photo shows this particular Sno-Cat, Rock 'n' Roll, with an opened cargo door at the back. Since I wanted to try and get as close as possible to that picture I just had to do this too.. 
So I fiddled a bit with different types of paper and colours to make the interior. I'm not quite finished but I have come quite far already.
I used a transparent semi-matte sheet protector for windows and used CA to glue it to the paper. As I hoped for, (normally you wouldn't want this to happen but it's just what I wanted) it fogged up nicely. It added to the already frosty effect of the sheet protector texture. 
The coachwork is not yet glued to the chassis because I still want to do some stuff in the cargo compartment. I have some pictures of the interior of the Sno-Cat although it might be from a later date. I just can fiddle a bit with some extra stuff like shelves and boxes and other equipment they might use on the "road". And even though you might not be able to see details in the cabin interior itself, it is there. (-;
When that's done, I only have to do the bonnet and little doodads, thingamabobs and whatchamecallits on the outside again and I am back where I was with a better Sno-Cat.

Old Sno-Cat upper left, new Sno-Cat still in paper.

A thicker chassis. With extra detailing.

The door from the cargo compartment.
...With an inside and a see-through window.
A steering wheel to drive the Sno-Cat into the crevasse.
A never-to-be-seen-again inner part to the hatch on top
I didn't forget the windscreen wipers.
CA glue does a good job in fogging clear plastic up, this time it is intentional.
An opened cargo compartment. I have to add some stuff here yet.
And these two chairs will never be seen again, too. But they really are there!
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