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29 January 2012

"Crevasse" #9

Enough about politics, though. It's something a paper kosmonaut can't change. Let's get on with more earthy business, a stuck Sno-Cat over a menacing crevasse. 

I have redone the bodywork. I did some interior work in the cargo compartment to give it a bit more of a used appearance and I joined the whole thing together. The front pontoons also were added to the machine. I started work on the rear set of pontoons as this is posted.

Some shelves and a map on the wall.
Something to look at inside the cargo compartment.
It is nearing completion but I still have to do some tedious repetitive work..

Note the drive shaft I added. It pivots along with the pontoon suspension.
And I think it definitely adds to its realism.
Open door, as is seen in the picture I want to recreate. The lighter upholstery might be somewhat besides the truth but it sure looks good and gives the door some more depth.
The windows nicely fogged up. An unwanted nasty side effect of Cyano Acrylic glue one usually wants to avoid when glueing transparent pieces. This time it's exactly why I used it to glue the windows. I even added more!
Another view of the forward drive train
Awaiting the rear set of pontoons and a hasty sketch of what is next.
Next entry will be the finished diorama! - I hope...

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