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07 January 2012

"Crevasse" #1

Now here's a new one and again I am trying my luck on a non-space related build. Last time I wasn't happy about the response but that's bygones. 
So, as mentioned in an earlier entry I wanted to make this Tucker Sno-Cat, being stuck in a huge crevasse. The background story's fascinating, I think and is just as interesting to me as a journey to the moon. Well, not entirely, the moon's just a little more interesting. But exploration is something that fascinates me. Okay, cut the chit-chat.
The build has started.
I reduced the kit to 50% of its original size which was 1/35 and now... erm.. you do the maths. (-;*
The coachwork is ready and it didn't cause me any trouble. This is a nice little kit and fits well. The designer, Kerstjan Blaauw (sounds like a fellow Dutch person to me) did a very nice job indeed. Mijn complimenten!
(the model can be found here.)
Here we go!
* It's somewhere in the nearness of 1/70, I guesstimate.

more after the break.
While cutting, it was obvious for most parts where they should end up on the Sno-Cat. Only this cube-like part has me puzzled. Where it should go I cannot tell. Maybe you have an idea.

I mean the cross-shaped part. The round one is a hatch.
The rest of the build was quick and straight forward. It has a lot of curves and therefore in this size it's sometimes a bit tricky to fiddle and get it all nicely rounded without smudges. Luckily, the original Sno-Cats were becoming quite weathered in a short timespan. So a little darker smudge here or there wouldn't be alarming.
The kit parts only had a couple of glue tabs so I had to supply a lot of my own. I luckily have a nice stash of coloured paper to choose from so I made the tabs orange.
Also, I used a lot of edge glueing in this one. The fit is good enough to hold the parts placed in a 90º angle.
Most of this is edge glued.

Curved parts. The hatch is scratchbuilt. I also made a window pane around the roof window.

I made most glue tabs with orange paper.

This is really a well designed kit.

I really love it when it fits.


The coachwork is done, next up are the pontoons with the tracks. I want to make them moveable (the pontoons, not the tracks) to have some slack when eventually placing the Sno-Cat in the finished diorama.

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