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19 January 2012

"Crevasse" #4

Although I'm a little afraid of having entered a new phase of very slow progress for reasons unknown, there has been some progress.
First, I have detailed the springs. It's just a couple of tiny snippets of paper to imitate the straps holding the spring blades together but they certainly do the trick.

The underside has all my attention now. The pairs of pontoons come together with two axles which are connected to the central drive shafts. One of the axles is ready and now I'm working on the second pontoon. They still can move so I can place them correctly on the edge of the crevasse.

more after the break.

The only non-paper parts will be the axles and drive shafts.
The front axle. In the hole in the middle the drive shaft will be placed.
The pontoons take up a lot of time because of al the small parts. They're made out of very heavy paper which
the massive look I wanted it to get.
 It takes up more than two hours to finish one track.
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