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21 January 2012

"Crevasse" #5

While the work on the Sno-Cat momentarily has ground to a halt, I presume because of a small lack of interest (but that will soon come back), I started work on the diorama part of this build.
I wanted to try and make this one completely out of paper. The only non-paper part in this whole build might remain the brass rods intended for the drive train.
So I chose a picture frame and cut some ribbed cardboard parts into a 11x16 cm block. Next, this block was cut up and the crevasse was created. with some extra bulkheads inside I reinforced and at the same time shaped the opening. It just came to be while working at it.

The whole construction snugly fits into the frame. The top of the box was given some extra surface detail which will give the final landscape a bit of natural differences.

Testing whether the Sno-Cat will reach far enough and if the crevasse is wide enough.

vertical reinforcements.
Next I will try and make the inner walls of the crevasse with thin paper to create a surface for the definite outer layer to attach to. 

The construction still is able to open up for better reach of the inner structures.

Now then, time for messing with paper! I manually shredded a tabloid newspaper into small strips which I cut up into snippets. One whole paper gave me three, four big hands full of paper shreds which I hope is enough.

Add water.

Let it soak.
After some time I'll ad some more components. First I'll let it soak until it becomes more of a pulpy mass. I might even use an immersion blender to get it as pulpy as possible. Then PVA, maybe flour for some whitening and stiffening and maybe even gypsum will be added. Don't know yet, it's alchemy, I am going to make this one up on the go. The usual paper maché from kindergarten always was wallpaper glue with shreds of paper but I think this might be better for moulding. 
That's for later.

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