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04 February 2012

"Crevasse" #10: finished!

It is always a mix of relief and satisfaction to have finished a build. You can set your mind on something new again and look back at a -hopefully- well done build.
This certainly is the case with this one. It took a little longer than I hoped for, I had a lot to do the past week. Today it went very smoothly, it took only 40 minutes or so to get the last pontoon done and attached to the Sno-Cat. I did all the protruding bits, like the antennas and the periscope (only (B), Rock 'n' Roll seemed to carry one) and the headlights. Okay, that was some more brass for the antenna (and steel for the T-shaped one, made from a pin) and some wood for the headlights. Sue me (-;.
Hurray! It's there! a ± 1/70 scaled Sno-Cat!

I got rid of the small orange paint spot on the exhaust pipe later on.

the diorama stand was a bit modified to get more or less the right gap width for the position I wanted to put the Sno-Cat in and I added a layer of gypsum to sink the tracks into. After placing the tractor on the diorama, I did some powdering with loose gypsum to give the top layer a more snowy effect. I sealed it off with acrylic spray. Perhaps I have to do that again. Anyway, this is it for now, enjoy the pictures. There are more after the break.

I really like how the drive train has come out.

Diorama! I took some pictures in front of the window,
at the moment we have a very nice wintery blue sky here.
It really fitted the photo very well.

Stuck in the crevasse. (FYI: a crevice is a crack in the rocks;
a crevasse is one in snow.)

This one looks quite real, I think.

Thanks for watching! Next build is up in space again. Wait and see.
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