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29 December 2012

Mir 1/400 [8]

Spektr is getting its shape. Like al the other additional modules, Spektr is based on the illustrious TKS module that was designed by Chelomei's bureau in the early 70's. It has had many different purposes, names and shapes and even now it still is used in the ISS under the name of Zarya.
That also was the kit I used for making the first of the TKS modules of Mir. AXM has a nice 1/100 Zarya which I kind of kitbashed for Spektr. The cone is made by trial and error and lots of additions came from just card and mat paper. The module has been painted to give the outside the look of the thermal blankets it is wrapped in. I still have to do the solar panels and some extra greeblies on the hull.
I am quite pleased with how the Lyappa arm came out. This small arm at the docking part of the module is used to move the module from one docking port to another. All modules arrived at Mir's forward pointing docking port and then they moved themselves to one of the free ports around it.
I made it from a piece of a staple and the head of a pin.
Again, keep in mind you're looking at macro pictures of something which in reality only is 3 cm long. The fuzziness and irregularities can't be seen with the naked eye.

more pictures of the process after the jump.

The basic shape of the module is just this cylinder. It has four radiators under which there are eight gas tanks.

Another radiator. The computers and machines on board the space station generate a lot of heat which has to be vented.

Docking port.

How it will look

orbital maneuvering engine.

The aforementioned Lyappa arm.

Some more greeblies.

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