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06 December 2012

Mir 1/400 [2]

And on we go. Today I made parts of the front end of the base block. This too is an almost solid part because of the rolled up paper around the central brass tube.

After seeing what Zoltan did with his base block, I wanted to try and do the same at 25% of that scale. Some handrails alongside the wide section of the hull. I stripped some electrical wire and took one single copper thread to make one handrail. Another for the second one. Glued with CA. I now am working on the antenna dish at the back of the base block.
Up next will be the ball-shaped docking node and the solar arrays.

More pictures after the jump. 

If you look closely you can just read "Mir" and "CCCP" at the aft end of the module.

The pink paper around the brass tube is what I used for rolling the solid cores.

Another cone. It all looks a bit wobbly here but that is not visible with the naked eye. It is just what macro photography does to these tiny hand made models, all the irregularities are very clear. A bit irritating, but you can't see anything of it in real life.

It is quite small.

Hand rail one!

Aft section with a little hole for the antenna dish arm.

Second hand rail!

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