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05 December 2012

MIR 1/400 [1]

Well, there we go. At Paper Modelers my modeling friend Zoltàn Mertusz and yours truly have started their group build thread on building Russian space station Mir.
It was launched in 1986 and eventually was de-orbited in 1999. By that time it was way past its proposed lifespan and the ISS already was starting to take shape, albeit very small and slow.
Mir started life as a single Salyut like module, with the significant new feature that it had a multi point docking node up front. During the years that followed, several extra modules docked to the base block and by doing so formed the first modular space station.
More on Mir here, here and here (big but very interesting PDF).  
Now for the model, Zoltàn is going for a 1/100 version while I am returning to my favourite scale, 1/400. Today, after some designing, which will occur yet another few times, I guess, I made a start with the building process myself.
Small sized stuff!

More after the jump.

The Mir base block is my starting point.
I have reinforced the insides by rolling up strips of paper around a brass tube, for making the alignment easier. 
Larger than life!

Thanks to my very hipster pair of reading spectacles I am able again to tackle this small scale. Nice.

There's not much else to say in this stage, so take a look at the pictures and watch this space for the follow-ups!

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