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23 December 2012

Mir 1/400 [6]

As Christmas approaches, I also have some other things on my mind apart from build paper space stations, However, I do hope to have some time to get this one a bit further.
Here's an update on what I have done so far.
First, the core module. I have added the docking node up front. It is solid, with rolled up paper inside. A hole drilled through, and shoved on the brass tube. The brass rod through it was inserted through the node to get the alignment of Spektr and Kvant-2 right. Small silvery docking collars were added to the node's outsides.
The solar panels are being worked on, the first one is the sole Kvant-1 "harmonica" panel. It was moved from I guess it was Kristall to Kvant-1 at some moment but the second panel came much later. The empty "stump" on the other side did have some small grappling hooks, which I tried to replicate.
I also did some work on the other solar panels of Mir, they were not just straight "wings" that once unfolded looked rigid and flat but they were segmented and one panel could let its surface face in several slightly different directions. I tested this on a small panel and it seemed to work. The eventual panels that will go on the station will be made of glossy paper. Here's where I am now.

More pictures after the jump.

This is the core module right after adding the docking node. The small rod is going straight through.

The backside of Mir's core module has been given some more detailing. A small yellow dome made from a pinhead and a dab of paint. The node got docking collars made of silver paper.

And another smaller piece on top to make the look complete. It looks a bit crude but you're looking at something with a cross section of about four and a half, five millimetres at most.

Kvant-1 got small grappling hooks on the starboard side. The port side will get a solar panel.

Here's the multi-angled solar panel I made as a test for the main PVA's on Mir. It looks spot on, I think.

I guess I won't be posting a new message before Xmas, so I wish you all a very happy time with whomever you will spend the next few days.
See you in a while!
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