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16 December 2012

Mir 1/400 [5]

I got a little further. Kvant-1 is almost finished - it still needs its solar panels and truss but so does the Mir base block.
I wanted to put some more vivid colours on Kvant, it was too white. So I took a sand coloured watercolour pencil and did some small accents which I diluted with a wetted brush. After that it was greeblie-time. Around the grey back end, which is just a framework over which they wrapped a protective cloth I added a couple of grey squares and circles to give the octagon a more busy appearance. the PVA attachments were made from mat paper which I cut in an angle to get a more or less pyramidal shape. I reinforced it with CA and after curing I drilled a hole through for the PVA rods. They might be cut short later on, I still have to figure out how to straighten the PVA's themselves without the rod. CA perhaps? We'll see. Mir's base block also got some extra accentuations and I still need to do some more handrails. That comes later. Here's where I am now.
And some more pics after the jump.

I glued some tiny blocks on the rear end of the base block. It lets the whole module stand out a little more. The docking rings on both Mir and Kvant-1 were a little more lengthened to let them reach each other without too much force.

The tapered part of Kvant-1 was painted grey. It looks a little green but that's the lighting. the panels on the octagonal back end are made from grey paper. It coincidentally had the same colour as the paint I used. Also seen here is one of the PVA attachment points. They were added later in Mir's life, during some EVA's. The solar panels were brought up folded and manually added by the cosmonauts.
 Mir's base block also got its PVA attachment points. Just like the rods in Kvant-1, they only go until the middle, where the port-aft tube runs through the modules.

 Kvant-1's aft end. Here is a docking collar for a Soyuz or Progress. That too will be added later.

Next is the docking node up front.

...And oh joy, after next week I can enjoy almost two weeks of holiday time with lots of time to build!
-At least I hope so...

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