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15 December 2012

Mir 1/400 [4]

Slow, slow progress.
Days with just a few hours of good working light and a very demanding film scheme for the documentary I work on, led to some delay in the build of Mir. The amount of über-tiny pieces I made has been extended, sometimes as much as just one handrail a day, and I started with Kvant-1 today. I got quite far, compared to the last week's results.
The model itself is the one Zoltan designed for this occasion. I happily took the chance to use it for my model as well. I did some colouring and it still needs a lot of detailing. However, the basic shape is there. I used a solid filling by rolling up a small strip of paper. The last strip was copper coloured, and around that I rolled the eventual skin layer of the module.

more pictures after the jump.

I painted the octagonal section at the end and also used some silver paper to accentuate. Okay, colourwise I might be a bit freewheeling at the moment but I guess in the end it'll all look quite nice.

I also managed to drill a neat little hole perpendicular to the main brass tube. I inserted a small rod on which both of the vertically placed modules, Spektr and Kvant-2 will be placed. The straight forward pointing part is for Kristall and Atlantis and will be trimmed when time is there.
Unfortunately, twilight is setting in, so I have to leave it all for what it is for today. Tomorrow's another day.

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