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07 December 2012

Mir 1/400 [3]

I thought to try and see how small I can go in detailing this little thing. After the long handrails I fitted yesterday, why not try and do some more smaller handrails on the base block?
So I did.

More pics and story after the jump.

Using CA glue as tack, I stuck these awfully tiny pieces on to the just 3 cm long Mir base block. it's all done using tweezers and extra sharpened cocktail sticks for adding glue and keeping the pieces up straight until they're cured. This really is something I only can do when the sun shines through the window of my room, otherwise it's just too dark.
Then I made the antenna dish that swings out behind Mir's back end to get a clearer view. A couple of 3mm punched out circles, a piece of brass and voilà. The little dot in the centre of the dish is the cut-off knob of a pin.

More up front of the base block there also is a hand rail going round the tapered part of the module. all these parts are made from single copper threads out of electrical wire. The vertical strut in the far left was later clipped to its proper length.
Finished. It looks a bit wobbly but keep in mind you are looking at something with a cross section less than a centimeter.
See what I mean?

Now I am working on the next bunch of handrails all over the bigger part of the module.
Might take some time to get them all. But it sure looks good and it actually is great to be able to build this small again!
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