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30 August 2011

So... A helicopter for a Fakestok. (3)

As said, there was a helicopter in the planning for this diorama I am making. The Mil Mi-6 (known as "Hook" to NATO-countries) used to be the biggest helicopter around for quite a while in the early sixties.

The real thing. (I found this picture on

The model I am building was tended to be made in 1/48 which would have ended up in quite a big helicopter indeed. I make it in 1/100, to keep it in proportions and storable on a shelf.
A nice convenience is the Fake Vostok it needs to carry also is 1/100, so it matches. (-;

This big one has no glue tabs. No attached lips nor loose tabs between parts. You got to cut them out yourself. In this scale it is somewhat delicate. I use very small strips to aide the parts with placing and securing them into place. I also do a lot of edge glueing, a technique where you add glue to the rims of the parts and hope the other part will attach to the small surface. Luckily it does, most of the time.

This kit is hard, very oddly shaped pieces and with just a textual assembly guide companying the parts. Especially in this 50% reduced scale, it is amazing how well they fit and fall into place. Only here and there, due to the thickness of the paper I prefer, there are some minute gaps, easily filled with pieces of rest paper or a dab of CA glue.

The shape of the Mi-6 is very rounded, so there's a lot of shaping between the placing of parts. In the description it says the model is tending to be a tailsitter but since I will show it in flight there won't be any problems foreseen there.

However, progress is slow due to the daily activities of PK. Nonetheless, the nose is ready.
Here are some first pictures.

Well, here we go...

A flat roof? Doesn't seem right.

Roof part bent and lo, it looks well again!

The inside looks like a mess but it works well.
Next updates will be well into the weekend, I am afraid... First there's a documentary to be filmed.
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