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26 August 2011

ISS & Endeavour revisited - Not finished yet!

I just don't like unfinished business. It keeps gnawing away at the comfy chair called "next projects".
In the spring I spent a lot of time building the ISS with Endeavour, which wasn't launched at that time. I wanted to depict the shuttle in the last manoeuvring moment with the station, when leaving, making  a final loop around the station. In reality this didn't actually happen.
The shuttle left by just removing itself backward from the ISS and then after a couple of hours and hundreds of miles, it returned to test STORRM, a new rendez-vous system intended for NASA's new deep space capsule called Orion.
I decided to redo the display into what actually did happen an was quite a historic event, in my opinion. While the shuttle was docked to the front Pressurized Mating Adapter, a  Soyuz was leaving. Soyuz TMA-20 took off with three crewmembers, including Paolo Nespoli, who made a couple of dozen impressive shots of Endeavour docked to the station.
All it took was building another Soyuz and to arrange it on a new frame. So that's what I did.

Today I made Soyuz TMA-20. After the giant scale of 1/48 with Juno it took some time to get used to this small scaled stuff again. But anyway, here is what I came up with today.

Engine section and capsule in progress (or rather Soyuz - heh heh heh)

The biggest parts are together, now the eye-tiring minuscule parts.

Soyuz TMA-20 on its rod.

The docking probe is made out of the head of a pin.

Just one phalanx long and the smallest shape I intend to build. Ever. Not.

The display now. Backdrop, the Rassvet module and some pallets on the ISS still to come.

In the coming weeks I'll be busy with this and maybe my first helicopter. We'll see!

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