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07 August 2011

Go Juno! (2) - now in 1/200

While watching Juno's launch yesterday I was impressed by the beautiful Atlas V 551 that brought the probe into its big orbit. The five boosters around its base looked good, much better than the smaller Atlas V 401 I made in 1/96 a while back.
For those of you not familiar with the Atlas number designations: The first 5 stands for the diameter of the shroud in meters (the other option is 4.). The second 5 is the number of solid rocket boosters at the base of the core (minimum is 0, max 5) and the third number stands for the number of engines on the Centaur upper stage. (actually this is always 1, there is an option for a double engined Centaur, but is never has been ordered up 'til now. 

When building something that takes a long time I sometimes find it necessary to do an "inbetweenie", a little quick build of something relatively easy to get some result in a short time. So I decided to do this Atlas. that way I also remained on topic.
I got my hands on some nice copper coloured paper some time ago, Perfect for the core stage of an Atlas. Printing was no problem, neither was glueing.
All in all it took six hours from start to finish to build this little model. Although, little? even in 1/200 it still is quite a big one. So after building I was hesitant for a moment to let go of the coppery colour but hey, a launched rocket is frosted. So I took out the paint (Tamiya flat whiteXF2) and painted the upper part of the core in flat white, added some very tiny paper cuts for icy flakes falling off the hull and even added some plaster powder. the result is quite good.

The main ingredients are here. For more pictures, click 'more...'

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