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28 August 2011

ISS and Endeavour (4) - Will the fun ever stop?

Worked almost all day on the leftovers I had to add to the station so now all I have to do is the last module in this configuration, Rassvet. And that will be out in a couple of weeks, I read. That's great.
Those leftovers, however, that took me all day, mount up to three smaller-than-stamp-sized bits with even smaller bits attached to it. ESP-3, an experiments panel bolted to the port truss, AMS-2, the long awaited spectrometer next to ESP-4, placed on the starboard side of the truss and some additive bits and pieces to the Quest airlock.
Some parts were so small, I couldn't include them in the build. But then, in 1/400, there's only so much you can do. 
What's that?

Oh, it's a 1/400th Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer!

A pair of tweezers with a...

Ah yes, it's ESP-3, I would recognise it with my eyes closed!

AMS-2 mounted on the truss

And ESP-3 on its place opposite the AMS on the other side of the truss
Slowly but surely this build nears its end. I started this somewhere in January, February, if I'm correct. So it's quite a long journey up til now. I have been having a lot of new ideas in the last weeks and I want to build them all, so as soon as this is finished,  
In the meantime I have started on the Mil Mi-6 helicopter for my Fakestok display. More of that in the next post.
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