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04 September 2011

Fakestok 4: Trying to build a Mil Mi-6

I guess I have to give up the idea this would be a quick and easy one. No way. It fits wonderfully well, that isn't the problem. It's not going to be easy to get the shape right, the heli is round indeed. Every part is curved in one way or another. It still is a bit hard to see where this is going. I like the process, that's for sure.
Now I have a bigger part of the hull together, I saw the nose part wasn't cut out right and left the nose end a bit drooped and just a little too small at the wider end. I solved this by using a spare grey part and cut it into shape to camouflage this 'dent' in the hull. It looks a lot better now.

The rear view shows the amount of strips I used to get it stick together.

It looks like the hull of an aircraft, that's for sure.

Curves, curves, curves...

tricky to get the windows lined out well.

I already have some ideas about how I'll attach the Fakestok.

The upper part of the hull is slightly squeezed at the 'root', then bulges out to house the two turbine shafts. I really am curious how I have to curve and fold and glue those parts. That's later. I got to keep being cautious with messing up the seams with too much glue. It should not get too dirty. Although Russian heli's never were really clean, perhaps this one should be because of the occasion...
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