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21 August 2011

Juno (5) Finished!

Well it took me a long time, but I finally am here to say Juno is finished and ready for a life on the shelf. The detailing took a long time, longer than I expected. Looking back I could have made things easier on myself by taking less experimental paths to the end result. I could have done it the easy way but I wanted to try things out. So there. I did it to myself.
However, it was an extremely fun build. The learning process on the background, getting to know what the use is of every thingamabob and watchamecallit is a fun thing on the side. I used some non-paper materials of course, the struts are all made of copper and brass, I used some razor saw blades inside the PVA structure and for the toroidal antenna at the bottom deck I used the spark wheel of a lighter.

Now it is time to show some pictures.

The doodads all in place.

The struts are asymmetrically placed underneath the PVA's

Bottom deck with RCS thrusters, Jiram, engine and toroidal antenna
The end result! "wingspan" is around 45 cm.

Junocam is made from a silicate ball with a dab of clear gloss paint

Magboom and PVA

Together with its predecessor Voyager, also in 1/48. Man, this is a big probe!
Well, so far as for Juno. Up next will be my half-pirated Fakestok, for which I am going to make a nice helicopter. At least, that's what I have planned for now.
For today, this is PK signing off, taking a little rest.

Wahey! 1001 views in five months! there actually are people looking at my builds here.
The detail kit for this model is now up for download at Jonathan Leslie's Lower Hudson Valley paper model vault. (scroll down to Yogi's original model, you'll find mine as an addendum.)
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