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20 August 2011

Juno (4) it slowly comes together

Well, it's been a while but hey, its vacation time.
In the spare time inbetween doing nothing and doing jobs around the house I found some time to work on Juno.
The solar panels finally are satisfactory enough to leave another try alone. I took a lot of time to get them where I am now but still they can be better. I just can't be bothered to redo them for a fourth time. Call me lazy, I don't care.
I worked hard to get all the thingamabobs, watchamecallits and doodads in place and looking the part. Everything is wrapped in MLI so I used a lot of chocolate wrapper to get all the thingies in silvery foil.
I still have to do the underside of two PVA wings with circuitry and as we speak I am doing the hinges on these two PVA's. The sides are reupholstered in silver foil and I made the three struts with brass rods and some solder I grinded down later to give it an all smoothed out look. After a coat of flat aluminium it looks swell. Even though this is resized to 50% it still is a big mother of a probe. 
Now with the finish in sight it is giving me back some more space for next projects and thos I already started and yet have to pick up again. There's some stuff I have to add to my 1/400 ISS model and I am already starting to look back to my Fakestok diorama I started. After that, there's plenty of possibilities but there might be another helicopter-involved diorama coming up.
later more on that, First some progress pictures of Juno.

Two PVA's left to finish. To give a sense of the size: see my huge hand.

With the HGA on top it sure starts to look like the real thing.

The thingamabobs, watchamecallits and doodads. There's more to come!
Oh yeah: before I forget: The detail kit will soon be available at Jon Leslie's site.
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