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31 August 2013

ALT 1977 1/400 [21]

Nearing completion. Just one more T-38 to go. Originally there were five Talons flying chase at the first free flight (which this diorama will depict) but there is only so much room within the frame. So there will be three in the frame. More aircraft would make it all a bit unrealistic. So here's the second T-38 build in a couple of photos. the final result is here, the actual scale is better to compare after the jump, where you also will find a series of photos of the making of.

I hope you like it. Thanks for taking a look!

This is a 1/400 sized T-38 Talon. for those who don't know: Each square on the cutting mat is 10x10mm.
That's roughly 0,39370079 X 0,39370079 inch.


I used a small sized embossing tool to initiate a little curve in the edge of the top part of the engine section. The embossing later was slightly curved by hand and by running a knitting needle along the edge.

...Like so.

The tip of the nose cone. Cutting out was the easiest part. The curving and rolling was done with the aid of a thin cocktail skewer.

Nose section under construction. This shows three separate parts joined.

Side walls added to the engine section. Light still shines through, it was pressed tighter after the glue had cured a little more.

This already starts to look like a T-38.

Cockpit and top parts added. next were the wings and tail section, and two small rolled engine exhaust pipes. Then it was ready to be added to the diorama. The final result was as seen up above.
Tomorrow I hope to build the third T-38 and show the finished diorama. See you then!
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