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17 August 2013

ALT 1977 1/400 [13]

Back on the build!
I started redoing the wings of the SCA/ I wasn't all that pleased with the colours and so I used some digital print ground to let the ink come out more on the silvery paper.
I also scavenged some good-looking bits from the old wings, since I wouldn't use those any more anyway. having gone through these motions before made it somewhat easier to do them this time. Wing 1 almost ready, I started on the other one, the struts for the open slats and the remaining engine of the right wing will come soon.
Here's some stuff to look at. More after the jump.

The printed slats were bent inwards, so there would be an opening to house the mechanics for opening them. I used a small knitting needle for this. The slats were made from a spare wing.
Both openings on the side of the slat's innards were later closed up with a small cut out circle.

Showing the difference in colour and contrast on the wing. 

The flap levers were salvaged / scavenged from the old wing. I just carefully cut them loose and reused them as is.

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