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18 August 2013

ALT 1977 1/400 [14]

And here's the finished right hand side wing.
It might not be fully accurate, but it gives an idea of the mechanics and it just looks nice and busy...
More photos after the jump and more in the days to come.
The Krueger flaps (a 747 has no slats but these leading edge flaps almost have the same function) were attached and the wing parts were joined. There is a reinforcing piece of card placed inside the wing. It was not drooping or anything but it just made the whole structure a little more sturdy. The wing root has been reinforced with a double piece of mat paper, formerly used as a passe-partout. this paper is kind of fluffy and absorbs glue very well. Thus being a good way to bond it with the fuselage.

Front view of the leading edge flaps.
I cut out very small strips of paper to make the flap struts. This might be less than correct but I don't give a hoot, people. No, really. Not a flying hoot.

So now it's all left wing stuff from here. Let's hope we'll get the job done in one go and without much ado and breaks. After the wings it is time for the struts and then, finally, the Enterprise herself.
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