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29 August 2013

ALT 1977 1/400 [19]: Enterprise, part 2

Here's the orbiter with what I think had the smoothest lines. the almost sensual curved black surface around the nose, the clean windows, the immaculate white surface. I always have disliked the 1983 redo with the harsh black lines around the windows and the extra useless black lines over the nose to make it resemble its space-going sisters more.

The tail cone was a very nice piece to assemble. I discarded almost all the glueing tabs, though. In this size, it would've been much too heavy. I did a lot of edge glueing here, especially on the curved parts of the tail cone.

Up next are the attachment struts of the SCA and two more T-38 Talon jets.
Here are some pictures to enjoy.

As usual, the rest is found after the jump.
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The OMS pods were made partially, because most of the RCS segments would be inside the tail cone. So only the rounded bits of the pods were fabricated. Also all parts were edge glued.

 Just to give you a sense of scale again.
The main part of the tail cone itself. it looks a little rough here but that is only because what you see here is very much enlarged. Every square on the picture in reality is just 10 square millimeteres.

The atil cone's main part attached to the fuselage. Now all that's left is the two curved sections that streamline the OMS pods.
 That's one...

...Aaaaaand that's two. And a tail.
Up next, as said, struts and jets. More this weekend!
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