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22 August 2013

ALT 1977 1/400 [15]

The port wing is here.
I didn't manage to get it all finished in one go, but two is not a bad score anyway. The first part concerned the wing itself. the wing root, the detailing in the flap wells and the slat wells and the slats and flaps themselves as well. I finished the first session with the engine mounts.
Second day was mainly the flap levers and the engines. The tiny bits. 
Here's the final result: two full wings.

After the jump there are ten pictures of the construction. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

I have made the wheel well and the inner wall of the flap bay out of one folded piece of paper.

A small jump in the process - a finished wing with added flaps.

The wing root flaps close up. The strips in the flaps bay are fictitious but merely there to give it some more depth. 

The slats at the front, or rather the Krueger flaps since the 747 series didn't have slats but stuff that worked almost the same but in a different way. Only the 707 and the 747 have these flaps, the other 700 series aircraft do have actual slats attached to the leading edge of their wings.

Cut from a very small strip of paper I made the actuators of the slats. Also purely fictitious. It looks quite real though.

The flap levers. Small bits and pieces that go together to make the under-wing leverage system for the flaps.

Almost there.

Now just two of these and PK is finished for this wing. The end result is at the top of the post.

PS. In the meantime I've apparently passed the 20.000 pageviews mark here. Not sure how much of that are actual paper model enthusiasts and interested people because there appears to be a lot of scum that visits just to leave their own URL in the stats section in the hope they get visited too, while what they offer is just spam and crap. That's a pity because I' really would like to know what people think of my work and that they've enjoyed their visit here. Oh well.
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